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5 Stars

"We’re really happy with our new windows and doors! Fairview Renovations had installed windows and doors for us before and they were great this time too. We had them replace six windows and create a new window opening for a bay window.  They came in and measured quickly and were very professional. For the quality of work and price,  I’d definitely recommend Fairview to anyone."

- Peter L, New Customer - March 10, 2019

5 Stars

"I am very impressed with the overall experience with Fairview. I was very happy with the installation process of our replacement windows and our front door. Jim answered all our questions and had our windows installed in weeks versus months. We went with high-quality windows and doors. Can't go wrong with the warranty. I highly recommend this business."

- Owen Brown, New Customer - February 19, 2019

5 Stars

"Amazing Quality Windows! We bought windows for our house and had them installed by the same company. They provided excellent customer service and support during the entire process. The cost was a good value for the quality that we received. Windows are an investment into the future of our house. The performance windows are designed to pay for them self over time. Unfortunately, we missed out on the Green On rebates. I would recommend getting both windows/doors and installation services from Fairview Renovations."

- Ritchie B, New Customer - November 26, 2018

5 Stars

"I called Fairview Renovations to replace all of my windows that were still the original one which came with my home. I called several other windows and doors companies and found most of them rude because they were busy. I did get several quotes but Fairview offered the best value and the fastest installation time. I ended up upgrading to high-performance windows in order to get the green on rebates. It did take about 2-3 weeks which was much better than waiting until October 2018. The installation was stress-free and the team was very professional. They also kept me up to date the whole time. I highly recommend Fairview Renovations because they are great."

- Tom Carlier, New Customer - June 25, 2018

5 Stars

"I can't say enough regarding my brand new windows and doors purchased and installed by Fairview Renovations. My home was built in 1952 and it was very important for me to maintain the specific characteristics and integrity of my home. Fairview did an outstanding job from the beginning to the end. Jim Price was a real pleasure to work with and his installers are truly experts. Their craftsmanship was amazing! After the install, I could tell how much quieter and warmer our house was. I can’t wait to see the savings in our energy bill. I would recommend these pro’s to anyone."

- Will Barnett, New Customer - February 19, 2018

5 Stars

"I saw a commercial about the GreenOn rebate program and it peeked my interest. After a google search, I came across Fairview Renovations. I checked out their website and decided to call for more information. I spoke with Jim and we offered to come by our home and do an estimate. We were recommended high-performance windows which offered up to $5000 in rebates. We just had our windows installed and we are very happy with the window quality and the customer service. I highly recommend working with Fairview Renovations. "

- Rick L., New Customer - February 8, 2018

5 Stars

"My name is Janice and I'm from the Oakville area. I called Fairview Windows and Doors to get a quote for upgrading my windows and doors for our house. Jim Price was available to meet with me and showed me great designs ideas that I fell in love with. I have to comment on the outstanding customer service provided by the team at Fairview Renovations. I feel confident in my purchase and investment. The quality of the windows and doors are fantastic. The guys did a fantastic job of installing the windows. They have great pricing for quality windows and doors. They are one of the best! I highly recommend Fairview Renovations to my friends and family. Thank you! "

- Janice K., New Customer - November 26, 2017

5 Stars

"2017 was the year that we determined would be the year to replace our original curved top front door! So we contacted eight local door installers and sent them pictures of the door and asked for a quotation. Two failed to reply. Two more said "we don't do curved top doors" Three came to the house, and went away without quoting - didn't do curved top doors Jim at Fairview Renovations replied to our request the same day (Sunday) and visited us the following Monday. Upon review of the job he said that Fairview could fit a new door of our choice and still retain the curved opening. Then he produced a job estimate, followed up a few days later with a firm quotation - we were so happy that we immediately gave him the work! Jim's Crew were amazing they arrived on the agreed day at the agreed time 9:00am removed the old door, modified the farame, fitted the new door, swept up their saw dust and debris and were finished by noon. We are extremely pleased with their workmanship, and the look of our new door. We highly recommend Fairview Renovations to anyone considering new doors and/or windows."

- Colin Campbell, New Customer - October 26, 2017