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How does low efficiency affect my energy bills?

Simply replacing your windows and doors with ENERGY STAR® can reduce energy bills up to 12%! In winter the glass surface will be warmer because Low-E reduces the amount of warm air escaping. You will notice reduced condensation, fewer drafts, lower heating costs and better overall comfort in your home. In the summer, cool air inside your home is retained as the Low-E coating reflects re-radiated heat from outside, keeping the air cool on the inside.

Why are vinyl a better choice?

Vinyl windows are a better choice because they have the same value as wood and are good insulators. Vinyl is maintenance free. It will never rot and requires no painting. Vinyl was engineered for our climate and is able to withstand our climatic extremes.

Do we charge for estimates?

We offer free estimates. Our Project Manager’s will provide you with all the information that you need so that you can make an informed decision

What are the benefits of an energy efficient window?

Energy efficient windows will increase the comfort level in your home by reducing cold drafts. They help control condensation because the interior surfaces of energy-efficient windows stay warmer, allowing you to maintain a higher level of humidity without worrying about condensation on your windows. They also last longer because condensation can cause premature deterioration of windows, walls and finishes leading to high maintenance and replacement costs.

How can I tell if I need new windows?

Here are some sure signs that your old windows need to be replaced:

  • Difficult to open or close
  • Drafty with air leaking through or around the window
  • Excessive condensation or icing on the inside of the window panes
  • Windows rattle in the wind
  • Paint chipping or peeling
  • House is always too cold in winter – or too hot in summer

Do I need a professional to install my windows and door?

It is strongly recommended that you have a professional install your custom windows. It is critical that the measurements of your windows be exact. Otherwise the new windows will not fit. A professional installer will also have the necessary tools to do the job correctly.

Do we offer the best prices?

Be cautious when shopping for the cheapest windows in Burlington. Many companies offer cheap prices, but remember the lowest price is not always the best value for your money. A good price is one where you are receiving quality products, expert installation and a strong guarantee.